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 Nightfall Brass

Nightfall Brass: FAQ

Q: What is Nightfall Brass?

Nightfall Brass is mass brass choir (with drumset) at Texas A&M University (Commerce) which, at one point, reached a peak of 54 members.

The members meet at dusk and play student compositions, orchestrations, and arrangements.

Q: Why “Nightfall”?

A: In 2015, Xander Navarro chose the business name “Nightfall Compositions” because he has a sleeping disorder that causes most of his writing/arranging to take place at nightfall. Additionally, Nightfall Brass is an instrumental choir that plays both his & other students' compositions/arrangements, and the ensemble meets at nightfall.

Q: What is the goal of this ensemble?

A: To promote an environment in which people can:

1) play enjoyable, meaningful music;

2) play music that listeners don’t need to understand to enjoy;

3) enjoy making music together in a fun, friendly environment.

No cursing, insults, passive-aggressive behavior, etc. will be tolerated.

Q: What music is played?

A: Here are the characteristics of music on which this group focuses:

1) enjoyable by audiences of all ages;

2) enjoyable to play by all of our members (or as many as possible);

3) packed with meaning (doesn’t have to be program music, though);

4) fairly easy to sightread (so new members can jump in when others graduate);

5) has the ability to bring the group together by experiencing the same emotions as they play.

Q: Is music limited to Xander’s compositions/arrangements?

A: No, but anything brought to the group needs to fit in line with the aforementioned musical values of this particular ensemble (which are specifically designed to distinctly differ from other university ensembles/chamber groups). This does not mean that other music is bad/inferior. It just means that the function(s) of that music does not line up with our objective.

Q: Can I join?

A: Possibly! We will accept any brass-playing student enrolled at Texas A&M University (Commerce).

*In order to remain in the ensemble, one must adhere to the behavior policy. (See: "What is the goal of this ensemble?")

Q: Are rehearsals open?

A: Yes. Nightfall Brass is not a frequently-performing ensemble, so guests are welcome to come to rehearsals as audience members. Guests are afforded the opportunity to view the scores and provide feedback to the conductors after the rehearsal.

Q: Isn’t the guest policy a little cold/limiting?

A: It is not intended to be that way. Nightfall Brass is very much an enjoyability-first organization that is based on the experience of it, and it can be thought of as more of a movement to do something different rather than follow what other ensembles do. If a mistake is made, we will turn it into an educational opportunity. If a light-hearted moment happens, we will ride out the wave of happiness. If a piece is not clean, we will still continue to prioritize general effect over cleanliness. Every member of the group has made this paradigm shift, and we ask that our guests do the same to experience it the same way we do.

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